Awaken the MAGIC of your femininity!

A 6-group session and 2 private sessions transformative journey for women, who are ready to live their lives free of pain, irregularities, female health challenges and change their relationship to their menstruation and their femininity for good.

The Road from “endurance” to “magic”

What is YOUR Period Story? How do you relate to your monthly cycle and your menstruation, which is one of THE most feminine things we, as women have? How do you relate being a woman and feminine?
Is it your friend or your foe?
Is it something you tolerate?
Is it something that brings you a lot of pain, irregularity and challenges?
Is it something shameful or a taboo for you?
Are you someone who is struggling every month with irregularities and pain?
Are you popping pain-killers just to be able to function on those days and the days leading up to your bleeding?
Do you have any female dis-ease, like endometriosis, PCOS, myomas or fibroids?
Or is it just "unexplained" abdominal pain, that you have to bear every month, sometimes not even during menstruation?
Or are you in perimenopause or even menopause and are “happy” not to have that pain ever again, yet you are experiencing menopausal sympstoms such as night sweats and decreased libido?
The statistics are shocking and we don’t talk about how many of us experience in our lifetime irregular or painful periods and how many of us are still feeling like our menstruation is something we have to “endure” or “outsmart” or just simply “live with”.
Would you like to:
• Reduce or completely diminish pain naturally before and during your period?
• Shift that unexplained abdominal pain?
• Have more regular menstrual cycles?
• Awaken the magic of your menstruation instead of looking at it as something you must "endure" and “get on with”?
As a result of this course, you may:
• Feel a stronger connection to yourself, the seat of your femininity - your womb, your cycle
• Have a completely new relationship with your menstruation and femininity
• Share with like-minded women, return “home” into your body and to fully embody who YOU truly are
• Open a new, happier and loving chapter towards your femininity and how you relate to your body
Your journey back to yourself, to your power and wisdom starts here!
In this safe space of an exclusive closed in-person group, on Monday’s at ATEm Center, we will be completely transforming our relationship to our periods and our femininity with some easy, PRACTICAL, and deeply powerful techniques.
What is included:
• 2x 1-1.5 hours private sessions to receive the full Mizan Abdominal Massage and to look at YOUR personal period/femininity story
• 6x group sessions on following Mondays: 2, 16, 23, 30 October, 6, 13 November
Timings of group classes: 7:00-8:30pm

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